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Here's why it works


1 in every 3 women experience urinary incontinence (bladder leaks) which can affect women of all ages at any time. Cntrl+ is the only flexible bladder support that helps prevent bladder leaks, especially during physical activity.


Cntrl+ is rounded, soft, flexible, and shaped like a hollow tampon. Worn inside the vagina, it is inserted and removed in much the same way you would use a menstrual cup or tampon. It's wearable up to 12 hours per day!


Cntrl+ prevents bladder leaks by supporting the urethra and, over time, may improve symptoms by strengthening the pelvic floor. Many women have reported the device has helped with their overactive bladder and/or rectocele.


Cntrl+ is easily removed by pulling the removal string which collapses/folds the bladder support, or by inserting your index finger around the circular ring and gently pulling downwards. Wash and reuse from 30-90 times.

Get the right fit.

With 3 sizes to choose from, we always recommend purchasing the 3-size Cntrl+ starter kit and trying the smallest size 1st.

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