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Founder - Karen Brunet

At Cntrl+ our goal is to help women of all ages regain their comfort and confidence by conveniently helping them to manage bladder leaks, overactive bladder, forms of pelvic organ prolapse like rectocele and pelvic pain to live, life, freely!

I'm, Karen Brunet the founder of Cntrl+. I suffered undiagnosed until I was 30 from PCOS and what developed to stage 4 endometriosis. What followed were years of surgeries, fertility treatments, and following the births of my two miracle babies (16 months apart) a full hysterectomy, then the removal of my ovaries. Needless to say, my pelvic floor was left a mess, and my bladder leaks were terrible! My doctor's only advice was to wear pads (irritating and embarrassing), have surgery (too many complications/side effects), or try to be fitted with a semi-permanent uncomfortable pessary (yikes)!

For those that know me I can be tenacious and stubborn, so I began researching and started a medical supply company (ActivKare) focusing on quality medical devices and products for incontinence. 

My frustrations, research and business savvy led me to develop the Cntrl+ bladder support which not only helps women prevent stress urinary incontinence but can help to support the pelvic floor (especially during excercise) and may even help women manage overactive bladder and rectocele.